Las Vegas, Slots, Casino, Vegas, GambleCasino games are for fun and not to make a steady income. Of course, there are many professionals who have chosen and won this right, with a lot of effort, discipline and exemplary conduct. It is not impossible to get out of the game with a nice profit, but for that you need to have more information about the RTP of the game, the strategies that can be applied and first of all, you need to maintain a responsible game at any time. The percentage of return to the player, known as RTP, tells us exactly what the player’s advantage is and what the edge of the house is, but it does not necessarily mean that you will be the player who has a 99% return percentage. The games come with different percentages and some cannot be influenced by any strategy, such as slot games – pecans, where everything depends on luck. But there are 6 casino games where you can definitely win, if you give your best and attack them with the best strategies. The games presented on this page, together with the best strategies to adopt, do not guarantee that you will become a professional player, as soon as you have finished reading, this requires a lot of work, dedication and 100% involvement.

Blackjack is one of the most publicized card games, in which the player can reduce the house advantage even by 0.5%. The card-counting strategy, invented and proven by Professor Edward Thorp, was controversial for many years and was the subject of a monstrous scandal in the 1960s. In modern times, this strategy is legal, but casinos reserve the right to ban it. players to apply it to blackjack tables. The number of cards keeps track of the ratio between the cards exposed and the remaining cards in the pack, so that the player has a greater advantage. It is a method that succeeds every time the casino staff does not recognize it. As for the online environment, it is a bit more difficult to apply, especially when blackjack variations are played with several packs of cards. Over time, several methods have been introduced, such as ace recognition, but once again, introducing multiple decks of cards to the game makes this mission impossible. The technical art of determining the value of the dealt card is difficult to master and does not come with 100% accuracy.

Craps – or dice, contrary to popular belief, this game can be fought. Once again, it takes a lot of work, ambition and practice to learn how to roll the dice, so that when they hit the wall they land with the desired numbers up. Believe it or not, this is possible! Steve Fortes teaches you in detail and demonstrates at the same time, in the video series, how you can roll a dice, so that it rotates horizontally, to have 5 probabilities at large numbers. Another craps strategy is to enter the game with a partner, who bets on the Pass Line, and yours is Do Not Pass. For this system you need a higher investment, but the compensation is 35 out of 36.

Roulette – is a game that can be fought and here we are not talking about how to predict where the ball falls. This system generally depends on how the dealer throws the ball and is synonymous with the impossible. One of the best roulette betting strategies that is proven to work for the player is the Martingale system. This method involves a lot of discipline and patience, especially for players who have a small budget. The bet is made on color and starts with a tiny amount, say somewhere at 0.5 RON. At each loss this amount is doubled and when a gain occurs it is resumed from the initial amount. The method gives results, but it involves a lot of responsibility and patience, because successive losing bets can reach a number of 10 times, at which you have to double the bet.

Game Bank, Mission, Token, PlacePoker – It is known that the game of poker is already in the professional league, which brings millions of dollars to those who master it best. Poker involves knowledge, practice and last but not least, the logical mastery of the game. This card game has grown exponentially in popularity in the last decade, so much so that world tournaments have been formed, where the winner gets the WSOP bracelet and a world title, along with tens of millions of dollars. Poker must be learned, respected and then defeated. There are many strategies developed on this topic but which do not lead to any results, if you do not understand the essence of the game.

The road to a professional gambler, who earns more than at casino games, is long and difficult, just like any other career. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to succeed, but it also involves the risk of becoming a troubled player. When gambling is a priority of daily obligations, it has become a problem and is far from what you really want. A professional player is first and foremost a responsible player!

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